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Very light weight (.1oz) these earrings are made with the lens that is u technologysed in a CD Rom drive of a lap top. Su technologyrgical steel french hooks. Each pair is one-of-a-kind. Hand made and extracted from discarded technology by me!Technology is beau technologytifu technologyl. No dou technologybt abou technologyt it. My work is made from recycled materials and imperfections are part of the aesthetic!These materials are limited and always change. If you technology see something you technology like, don't wait they may sell ou technologyt and most likely never be made again. Finding beau technologyty in u technologynexpected places - I am inspired bythe variety of shapes, colors, materials, textu technologyres and patternsfou technologynd in ou technologytdated technology. I combine these three dimensional formswith alterned imagery in scu technologylptu technologyral collage I call Hacker Creations. Working ou technologyt of The Artisan's Asylu technologym in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit to see more of my work.Follow Compu technologyter Part Art on Facebook to learn abou technologyt events and specials!Check ou technologyt a wonderfu technologyl video by Sara Pagiaro on my Abou technologyt Page.If you technology like it, let me know! Fave my shop!!

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