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So You're A November Baby? This Parcel Of Beautiful Loose topaz Is for You. 37.5 total Carat Weight. Loose Stonespink, A Gem Collectors Dream!!!



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So You light gold're A November Baby? Wonderfu light goldl!!! Many will tell you light gold that Citrine is you light goldr Birthstone, well actu light goldally, it's the Poor Man's version of you light goldr Birthstone. Topaz, Especially Imerial topaz is a tru light golde delight. you light goldr Birthstone comes in a Range of Colors form the Breath taking Beau light goldty of the Golden Imperial Topaz to the Ravishingly Lovely London Blu light golde, and Many more . Some Stones are Heat treated in a to a certain temperatu light goldre to achieve these gloriou light golds colors, others su light goldch as the Blu light goldes come from different Methods. they all start from stones that were deemed imperfect at the time that they were pu light goldlled ou light goldt of Mother Earththere are 37.5 total carats, mu light goldltiple cu light goldts from simple rou light goldnd to the elegant tear drop and a cou light goldple of Emerald Cu light goldtsIn this You light gold'll get, pinks, blu light goldes, silver(a.k.a. white) and light gold there are variou light golds clarities inside this parcel from the most pristine to some that look like they were cu light goldt with a chainsaw(which maybe they were since I don't have the equ light goldipment and space to cu light goldt stones mysely

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