Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

american flag, American Flag Luggage Pull Dragonfly Pendant



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Approximately 2.5" by 2"This beau bluetifu bluel pendant comes in a variety of colors and tag options! **Please see separate listings for colors** If you blue don't see a color, or combination you blue want, message me! All lu blueggage zipper pu bluells are fou bluend at San Fransisco airport, and very rarely do I come across two alike. Each piece will be made to order, in the bead color (see separate listings) and pictu bluered wire color.It can be worn as a necklace, a keychain charm, rearview mirror ornament, Christmas ornament, the options are endless! (For ornament option, please select "chain" u bluender "Ornament Option" for a free chain to hang you bluer item from!)**Some pu bluells will be scratched, bent, broken, or u bluenreadable. I think this is part of the charm. They will be sanitized and cleaned**

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