Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink or Lavender freshwater pearl 2" danglespearl dangles, AAA 6.5-7mm cultured round pearlpearl dangles, lavender or pink pearl dropspearl dangles, .925 sterling silver fishhooks



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A beau pearl danglestifu pearl danglesl pair of freshwater pearl 2" dangles in you pearl danglesr choice of pink or lavender cu pearl danglesltu pearl danglesred rou pearl danglesnd pearls. The elegant pearl earrings are designed with a top pearl and dangling bottom pearl connected to a .925 sterling silver Forzatina chain, and finished with 22mm .925 sterling silver fishhooks. These cu pearl danglesltu pearl danglesred freshwater rou pearl danglesnd pearls have the highest grade of AAA and are between 6.5-7mm in size. (Du pearl danglese to the lighting, some pearls may look orange in the pictu pearl danglesres, bu pearl danglest they are a lu pearl danglesstrou pearl dangless pink.)Pearls are 'timeless' and can be worn daily or on any special occasion. We have pu pearl danglest together a few facts abou pearl danglest pearls in ou pearl danglesr FAQ's section to help you pearl dangles with you pearl danglesr pearl selections.Deborah Ann Mac Manes, artist/designer <>

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