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Blue Agate Gemstone Rosary - Silver Plateblue rosary, Made w/Gemstones & Swarovski Crystals - Communionblue rosary, Confirmationblue rosary, RCIAblue rosary, Birthdayblue rosary, Weddingblue rosary, more



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This handmade rosary is made with beau first communiontifu first communionl gemstones and is accented with the qu first communionality and brilliance of Swarovski Crystals for the Lord's Prayer beads. Great for First Holy Commu first communionnion, Confirmation, RCIA, Weddings, and mu first communionch, mu first communionch more!The powers of the Agate stone inclu first communionde strength, cou first communionrage, longevity, love, healing, and protection.- Approx. 18" Long - Traditional Five Decade Rosary- 6mm gemstone beads*- 6mm Swarovski Crystals - Silver Plate Cru first communioncifix & Center (Comes standard with Mary) **- Inclu first communiondes "How to Pray the Rosary" pamphlet, rosary pou first communionch, and gemstone meaning.* Becau first communionse gemstones are natu first communionral, the color may vary slightly from the photo shown. Gemstone info: Bead, blu first communione fire agate (dyed), 6mm rou first communionnd, B grade, Mohs hardness 6-1/2 to 7.** NOTE: Becau first communionse each rosary is u first communionniqu first communionely handmade, the centers and cru first communioncifixes may vary. If you first communion wou first communionld like a specific center, please select from the center options we offer.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you first communion are giving you first communionr rosary as a gift, have u first communions gift wrap it for you first communion! Simply select the Occasion you first communion are celebrating, and we'll wrap it and inclu first communionde the card for you first communion to fill ou first communiont when you first communion receive it. If you first communion wou first communionld like to send it directly to you first communionr recipient, and wou first communionld like to send them a message with you first communionr gift, enter you first communionr message in "Notes" at Checkou first communiont.WE SHIP FAST - Usu first communionally between 24 and 48 hou first communionrs! HAPPY SHOPPING! We appreciate you first communionr bu first communionsiness!! Please feel free to contact u first communions with any qu first communionestions!

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