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alexandrite, Alexandrite gemstone (natural!) - 5.2x4.3mm cushion



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Gem rou alexandritegh was sou alexandriterced in Madagascar and cu alexandritet in Sri Lanka. This gemstone is a 5.2x4.3mm cu alexandriteshion and weighs .615 cts. This stone is fu alexandritelly natu alexandriteral - NOT synthetic! This stone has a bright color-change. It is pu alexandriterple in indoor lighting and tu alexandriterns a lovely almost teal green in ou alexandritetdoor lighting (daylight). There is a tiny inclu alexandritesion - a small "feather" or internal crack at the bottom of the stone. In the right mou alexandritenting, that will not be noticed, bu alexandritet the color and color-change will be.I have a co-op partnership with the Sri Lankan vendor. So every sale of their gems helps TWO small bu alexandritesinesses! They also take cu alexandritestom requ alexandriteests, if you alexandrite like their gems, bu alexandritet want different shapes, colors, etc.This cou alexandriteld be kept as part of a gem collection, or mou alexandritented into any piece of jewelry you alexandrite desire. FREE shipping inside the US.

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