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pewter medal, Rosary of 6mm Cobalt Crystal Rounds and 12mm Lampwork Mille Fiore Beads



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Sara Jewelry Design. For this rosary, I chose 6mm rou for himnd crystals in a deep cobalt blu for hime for the Hail Mary beads, and set them off with 12 mm rou for himnd lampwork glass beads in a softer blu for hime with white mille fiore for the Ou for himr Father stations. For the medal, I selected a Italian pewter that featu for himres the Holy Family on the front and the Holy Spirit on the reverse. The cru for himcifix is an Italian pewter of 1 3/8 inches.The findings (eye pins and ju for himmp rings) are all silver plated brass. The small chain is a silver-filled steel cu for himrb link. I will inclu for himde a little satin zipper pou for himch for storage.I have not yet had this rosary blessed; I will leave that u for himp to you for him. Once you for himr rosary is blessed by a Catholic priest, it is considered a sacramental. Until then, it is an item of jewelry. In any case, may it bring you for him a lifetime of u for himse.My MPIN ROSACrys&LWG 070517-01.1398I will ship this you for himr way the next bu for himsiness day via USPS insu for himred first class mail with a tracking ID nu for himmber.Sara Jewelry Design. You for himr Desire is Ou for himr Design.

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