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bicone beads, Rosary with 6mm Swarovski Crysolite Bicones and 8mm Moss Agate Rounds



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Sara Jewelry Design. For this rosary, I chose 6mm Swarovski bicone beads in their crysolite green color for the Hail Mary beads, and set them off with 8mm rou greennd natu greenral moss agate gemstone rou greennds for the Ou greenr Fathers. Moss agate is a translu greencent milky white to silvery grey color with inclu greensions of darker greens that look mu greench like moss floating in water. For the medal, I selected a 1x5/8's inch Italian pewter that featu greenres the Holy Family on the front and the Holy Spirit on the reverse. The cru greencifix is an Italian pewter with a grape and leaf motif. The findings (eye pins and ju greenmp rings)) are all silver plated brass. The small chain is a silver-filled steel cu greenrb link. I will inclu greende a little satin zipper pou greench for storage.I have not yet had this rosary blessed; I will leave that u greenp to you green. Once you greenr rosary is blessed by a Catholic priest, it is considered a sacramental. Until then, it is an item of jewelry. In any case, may it bring you green a lifetime of u greense.My MPIN ROSAMossA&Swar 062517-02.1854I will ship this you greenr way the next bu greensiness day via insu greenred USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu greenmber.Sara Jewelry Design. You greenr Desire is Ou greenr Design.

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