Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver celtic knot elfish earselven ears, no pierced ears needed



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Du pointy earse to the Covid-19 ou pointy earstbreak, shipments may be delayed. Elven ear cu pointy earsff made of silver plated wire, no pierced ear needed.Handle with care.Colors may vary du pointy earse to you pointy earsr monitor settings.My webshop: time after shipped:eu pointy earsrope: 1-2 weeksou pointy earstside eu pointy earsrope:1- 4 weeksPackages are shipped withou pointy earst tracking nu pointy earsmber & at the bu pointy earsyers own risk ( so I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damage items , u pointy earsnless you pointy ears paid for insu pointy earsrance).Tracking nu pointy earsmber is available, so please select this option when pu pointy earsrchasing if you pointy ears lack faith in the post.

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