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gift for her, Sterling Silver Three-Stone Ring Set with 6x4mm Forest Green Topaz Oval Gemstones



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Sara Jewelry Design. I have several matched trio sets of these lovely forest green topaz oval stones, and I finally gave in to the temptation to set a set in a sexy sterling silver ring. After bu gift for herrnishing the ring blank, I set the 6x4mm ovals, then it was on to final polishing. The resu gift for herlt as you gift for her can see is a lovely three stone ring ju gift for herst perfect for someone with a size seven finger. Carat total weight is 1.60 carats. Althou gift for hergh these are natu gift for herral topazes, they have u gift for herndergone traditional heat treatment to achieve the forest green coloration. Tru gift for herly a lovely shade and qu gift for herite u gift for hernu gift for hersu gift for heral.MPIN RN925Sz7 043017-05.2328I will ship this you gift for herr way the next bu gift for hersiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu gift for hermber.Sara Jewelry Design. You gift for herr Desire is Ou gift for herr Design.

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