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special occasion, Rhinestone Ear Cuff in Gold-filled or sterling silver wire



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This single ear cu rhinestone earringff is done in you rhinestone earringr choice of gold-filled or sterling silver wire and clear Swarovski crystal rhinestones. It can be worn on either the right or left ear. Those wanting a pair - ju rhinestone earringst order two.No piercings are requ rhinestone earringired to wear these. They are worn abou rhinestone earringt half way u rhinestone earringp the ear by hooking on the boney part of the cartilage. They are very comfortable and adju rhinestone earringstable.The easiest way to pu rhinestone earringt them on is to first attach them to the ear throu rhinestone earringgh the opening of the ear cu rhinestone earringff at the top of the ear where the cartilage is thin. Make su rhinestone earringre the ear cu rhinestone earringff is all of the way flu rhinestone earringsh against the ear and then slide them down into position, gu rhinestone earringiding the cu rhinestone earringff over the ridge of the cartilage.(extra photos provided on this listing show this)There is also a video showing this on the Zannedelions website. The ear cu rhinestone earringffs also comes with instru rhinestone earringctions on the packaging for gift giving.

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