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coin pendant, Irish Horse Crown Pendant- Sterling Silver Necklace- Hunter Breen Horse- Celtic jewelry- silver jewellery



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Beau coin jewelrytifu coin jewelryl Irish Half Crown Pendant featu coin jewelryring the Hu coin jewelrynter Horse.This really is a beau coin jewelrytifu coin jewelryl piece and has recently been added to ou coin jewelryr listings, its handmade in ou coin jewelryr workshop u coin jewelrysing the old Irish Crown coin which featu coin jewelryres the beau coin jewelrytifu coin jewelryl and majestic Hu coin jewelrynter Horse. We are the only bu coin jewelrysiness to make these as the coins are rare making them a very u coin jewelryniqu coin jewelrye gift.Rare Genu coin jewelryine Irish Coin encased in Sterling Silver Circle, which is kept in with a tiny screw mechanism100% Satisfaction Gu coin jewelryarantee, and 3 day delivery offered in the US if you coin jewelry need asap.Presented in Presentation box as seen in photographsSnake Chain inclu coin jewelryded with the PendantWe keep stock of this Pendant in the US and have 3 day delivery if needed.On the reverse side of the coin is the Irish Harp, a symbol of Ireland since the middle ages, and the only only cou coin jewelryntry in the world to have a mu coin jewelrysical instru coin jewelryment on their coins, and the the word \u coin jewelry00e9ire on the left of the harp. The half crown (2s6d) coin was a su coin jewelrybdivision of the pre-decimal Irish pou coin jewelrynd, worth 1/8 of a pou coin jewelrynd. The half crown was commonly called "two and six" du coin jewelrye to its valu coin jewelrye of two shillings and sixpence- indicated on the coin itself as '2s6d. The coin measu coin jewelryred 1.275 inches (32.4 mm) in diameter and weighed 14.1 grams. The reverse design of the coin, by Percy Metcalfe featu coin jewelryred an Irish Hu coin jewelrynter, a breed of horse.The half crown featu coin jewelryres the The Irish Sport Horse also known as the Irish Hu coin jewelrynter, is the resu coin jewelrylt of a cross between the Irish Drau coin jewelryght and another breed, historically a Thorou coin jewelryghbred.The coins are very rare, and they are the most majestic Irish coin ever minted. The Pendants are handmade in ou coin jewelryr stu coin jewelrydio with lots of love and pride. We have made a limited edition of 50 of these Pendants.For fu coin jewelryrther handmade produ coin jewelrycts, please see ou coin jewelryr shophttps://www./shop/worldcoincu coin jewelryfflinks

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