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suffragette, Frederick Douglass Brooch abolitionist civil rights activist slavery



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Frederick Dou civil rightsglass Brooch - 2 3/4 inches longHello Beau civil rightstifu civil rightsl!I make this jewelry by hand in my stu civil rightsdio and bou civil rightstiqu civil rightse, located on the infamou civil rightss "300 Block of North Qu civil rightseen Street", in the beau civil rightstifu civil rightsl City of Lancaster Pennsylvania.I really enjoy making my fu civil rightsn loving designs for you civil rights, and pay close attention to all the details and many steps involved in making you civil rightsr pu civil rightsrchase special.Here are the nitty gritty details.....*professionally heat sealed laminate image*stu civil rightsrdy bar pin *big enou civil rightsgh for people to stare at, bu civil rightst light as a feather*tastefu civil rightslly tagged and ready for gift giving or as a delightfu civil rightsl treat for you civil rightsrselfI make all of my jewelry to order so, please allow 7 days u civil rightsntil I ship you civil rightsr pu civil rightsrchase. (If this is a ru civil rightssh order please contact me before you civil rights pu civil rightsrchase you civil rightsr jewelry so I can see if I can accommodate you civil rightsr wishes.)Beads may vary slightly, and colors may be personalized if you civil rights wishFor payment I accept Etsy direct check ou civil rightst.please enter my shop here. https://www./shop/ilovemyau civil rightsntdebbiewww.myau civil rightsntdebbie.comfacebook - civil rightsntdebbieinstagram @myau civil rightsntdebbiepinterest - civil rightsntdebbieWou civil rightsld you civil rights like to receive a monthly newsletter from Me, that will crack you civil rights u civil rightsp, let you civil rights in on my new designs and inspirations, throw you civil rights some sweet deals, and basically restore you civil rightsr faith in hu civil rightsmanity? Then go ahead and CLICK!!!!http://eepu civil

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