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**Ships 5-7 days after ordering.**Sometimes a friend lives far away. Let them know distance means nothing between friends with this cu map jewelrystomized map bracelet cu map jewelryff. Choose two places to be featu map jewelryred, write them in the "Notes to Seller" section at checkou map jewelryt, and I'll make a bracelet for you map jewelry with you map jewelryr places with real vintage maps. The resu map jewelrylt will be a su map jewelryrprise!If you map jewelry choose a small city, it will appear small in the pin. Please see the example of Carbondale in the photos. It is a town of abou map jewelryt 25,000 people.If you map jewelry are u map jewelrynsu map jewelryre if you map jewelryr city is available, please contact me and I'd be happy to check my maps for you map jewelry. I have maps for the whole world and most cities are available.You map jewelryr selected map will be displayed u map jewelrynder a shiny glass dome. Bracelets are water-resistant, bu map jewelryt not waterproof (please do not su map jewelrybmerge you map jewelryr bracelet).Each glass dome measu map jewelryres approximately 2cm. Cu map jewelryffs are 1.3 cm wide and open by pinching the back hinge. They are lead and nickel free, silver-plated over brass metal.Bracelet is size small, measu map jewelryres abou map jewelryt 6.5 in arou map jewelrynd. Please measu map jewelryre you map jewelryr wrist before ordering to make su map jewelryre this will fit you map jewelry. Basic shipping is via USPS First Class Mail which typically takes 2-5 days to deliver. Upgrade to Priority Mail and delivery time is typically 2-3 days.Qu map jewelryestions? Please contact me!See more of my work in my store: www.ekra.

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