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Two strips of translu sterling silvercent dichroic are fu sterling silversed over a bright blu sterling silvere art glass. The top is bright silver dichroic and the bottom is a textu sterling silverred green bu sterling silverbble dichroic. These earrings are a rou sterling silvernded rectangle Glass is ju sterling silverst over 5/8" long by 3/8" wide and with the sterling silver ear wires they hang ju sterling silverst slightly over 1 1/4" long. Unu sterling silversu sterling silveral and lovely artisan earrings. As always Niobiu sterling silverm ear wires are available u sterling silverpon requ sterling silverest. All McCray Stu sterling silverdios Jewelry is Shipped Free Via First Class Mail in a padded envelope with tracking info.Handmade personally by Barbara McCray in my coastal California Stu sterling silverdio. I started u sterling silversing dichroic glass when it was first introdu sterling silverced and have been striving to incorporate it in more innovative designs ever since.You sterling silver are pu sterling silverrchasing the exact piece of jewelry that is in these photographs. IAll fu sterling silversed glass is annealed for strength and du sterling silverrability. I photograph all jewelry very carefu sterling silverlly so that you sterling silver will have the best possible image to make you sterling silverr decision from. .Shipping is $3.49 for first class shipping with delivery confirmation and great packing which inclu sterling silverdes a giftbox.McCray Stu sterling silverdios green silver blu sterling silvere tu sterling silverrqu sterling silveroise flower silver sterling silver ear wires#30

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