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Sterling Silver and Enameldoll brooch, Volmer Bahner (VB)doll brooch, Blue Butterfly Brooch



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Even thou doll broochgh this Volmer Bahner (VB) sterling and enamel pin has one of the earliest catches, a C-clasp, and even thou doll broochgh the hinge looks early as well, this pin is more than likely from the 1960s. It is marked "VB Sterling Denmark" and is \u doll brooch00be" in length and \u doll brooch00bd" at its tallest from the top of a lower wing to the tip of an u doll broochpper wing on the same side.There is some enamel loss on the u doll broochpper right wing. The color of this brooch changes in different light, not becau doll broochse it tru doll broochly changes, bu doll broocht the enamel and the way it reflects light make the color appear to change. I wou doll broochld best describe its tru doll brooche color as being similar to cornflower blu doll brooche.These sites provide some interesting information abou doll broocht Bahner, who scu doll broochlpted in bronze prior to his career as a silversmith making jewelry: http://www.jennmau doll doll broochbjectindex/scartistspages/BAHNERfeatu doll broochredartistpage.htmhttp://webu doll doll broochk/Designers-and-MakersThe size of this pin makes it perfect for doll jewelry.Thank you doll brooch for looking.

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