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Before you bracelet bu bracelety, be su braceletre to get 20% off you braceletr order by joining my Diamond Clu braceletb! No spam, I promise. Ju braceletst copy and paste this u braceletrl in a new tab and you bracelet will receive an email with you braceletr cou braceletpon code. braceletbHematite is believed to grou braceletnd and protect u bracelets and strengthen ou braceletr connection with the earth. Called a "stone for the mind", hematite enhances ou braceletr concentration, focu bracelets, memory and original thou braceletght. This grou braceletnding bracelet is easy to wear and great for layering! The hematite chips are accented with bronze and a gold lotu bracelets charm. Size is adju braceletstable.- Handmade with love in the USA.*Follow me on INSTAGRAM @taraelainadesign----------------------------------------REFUNDS & EXCHANGES- I want you bracelet to be 100% happy with you braceletr shopping experience. If you bracelet have a problem with you braceletr item, please contact me immediately and I will definitely find a solu bracelettion.- I accept retu braceletrns only if the item is shipped back with tracking nu braceletmber within 5 days from receiving the item. Shipping charges, there and back, will be on the cu braceletstomer. You bracelet will be refu braceletnded as mu braceletch as the item costs.----------------------------------------If you bracelet want to see more bracelets, tassel necklaces, and earrings please visit my shop:http://www./shop/taraelaina

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