Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized Hexagon Necklace16k,Custom Charm Necklace16k, 16k16k, rhodium geometric charm necklace16k, handstamped name16k, stop sign charm BLKANDNOIR



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Cu 16kstom hand stamped hexagon ship necklaceAvailable in silver or goldGold charm and chain is 16k gold plated with heavy coatingSilver charm and chain is rhodiu 16km plated with heavy coatingChain measu 16kres 17.5 inchesHexagon measu 16kres 15mmPersonalized to say whatever you 16k like as long as it fits, so you 16k can pu 16kt dates, names, short phrases, symbols, coordinates. Up to 3 lines. You 16k can get a qu 16kote in regu 16klar alignment or in random alignment. Ju 16kst explain in the notes how you 16k want it to lookIf you 16k need help with ideas or have qu 16kestion abou 16kt what cou 16kld fit feel free to message u 16ksLetters available A-Z,0-9,closed heart or a shaded heart, pu 16kncu 16kation symbols += [email protected]#$&*" ' ()?Other symbols we have are the diamond, circle, a star, and triangleMade to order.

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