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fused dichroic glass, Turquoise Peach stunning dichroic glass earrings Fused glass earrings hypo-allergenic Niobium ear wires dangles dangly



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This is a really fu dichroic earringsn experimental techniqu dichroic earringse with dichroic and powdered enamel. Over a highly textu dichroic earringsred reddish peach dichroic I fu dichroic earringssed a tu dichroic earringsrqu dichroic earringsoise powdered enamel to create these u dichroic earringsniqu dichroic earringse and stu dichroic earringsnning earrings. Really stu dichroic earringsnning earrings. The glass itself is 3/4" long by 1/3" and with the teal niobiu dichroic earringsm ear wires they hang 1 3/8" long.Unu dichroic earringssu dichroic earringsal dynamic earrings. Always happy to su dichroic earringsbstitu dichroic earringste sterling silver ear wires u dichroic earringspon requ dichroic earringsest. All jewelry is hand crafted in my Mendocino California stu dichroic earringsdio. My ear wires are very comfortable and are filed and tu dichroic earringsmbled to smooth the edges and bu dichroic earringsrnish them. These are lightweight and delicate and very fu dichroic earringsll of light and movement. Each piece is polished to a high shine to give the most sparkle and reflectivity.You dichroic earrings are bu dichroic earringsying the exact piece in the photograph and becau dichroic earringsse it is handmade will not look machine made. All jewelry is ready to ship the day after payment is made. All packages are shipped in padded envelopes in a gift box. I wrap and pack very carefu dichroic earringslly.These earrings will be packed in a gift box and are ready for giving. This is an opportu dichroic earringsnity to give a qu dichroic earringsality handmade produ dichroic earringsct and a reasonable price.Thank you dichroic earrings for looking at my jewelry.BarbaraMcCray Stu dichroic earringsdios bright tu dichroic earringsrqu dichroic earringsoise gold long dangle nickel free niobiu dichroic earringsm glass earringsCu dichroic earringsstom and exclu dichroic earringssive design by McCray Stu dichroic earringsdios#66

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