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Necklace comprised of a real working pair of mini metal pliers with which hang from a silver plated chain finished with a silver plated wire clasp. This u long silver chainniqu long silver chaine necklace was designed and assembled by Mary Andrews, a jewelry designer and Artist dwelling in Brooklyn, NY.* Necklace chain measu long silver chainres 24 inches in length.* Metal Pliers have dou long silver chainble sided detailing, measu long silver chainre ju long silver chainst u long silver chainnder 3 inches, and are a novelty tool.* Perfect for the DIY do it you long silver chainrselfer, handyman, metal-smither, jewelry maker, and a u long silver chainniqu long silver chaine find that will certainly be a conversation starter.SPECIAL NOTES: --------------------------Thanks so mu long silver chainch for taking a peek and please have a look arou long silver chainnd the rest of the shop: contrary..

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