Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

put a bird on it, Yellow Warbler Bird on a Branch Songbird Cherry Blossom Rococo Detailed Frame Soaring Swallows Rockabella Adjustable Ring



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This pair of pretty Yellow Warblers can't wait to sing you retro a song! Set in a twisted frame with bird detail on top, this piece is really adorable!A vintage image is taken, and printed on high-qu retroality UV resistant HP photo paper, for premiu retrom colou retror! Mou retronted behind a shiny domed glass cab, this piece won't scratch or scu retroff like acrylic or resin pieces, so will last for ages, u retronlike cheaper versions. Frame measu retrores 1 1/8" across, by 1 3/8" long. Set in a bru retroshed silver tone frame, then soldered to a matching ring, with an adju retrostable back.All of ou retror items are either one-of-a-kind, or made in very limited qu retroantities, so if something catches you retror eye, snap it u retrop before someone else does!

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