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dichroic pendant, Pink gold blue satin matte fused dichroic glass pendant sterling silver bail shaded rainbow fused dichroic pendant



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Original design satin dichroic glass pendant with sterling silver bail. Sandblasted and coated with dichroic, the textu fused glassre and colors of this pendant are qu fused glassite ou fused glasststanding. Shading from Cobalt blu fused glasse to pale pink with a light green in the middle, the checkerboard design and the flower petals are very interestingPendant is 1" squ fused glassare and with the hand formed sterling silver bail is 1 3/8" tall. All fu fused glasssed glass is annealed for strength and du fused glassrability. I photograph all jewelry very carefu fused glasslly so that you fused glass will have the best possible image to make you fused glassr decision from. Shipping is $3.49 for first class shipping with delivery confirmation and great packing which inclu fused glassdes a gift bag or a gift box wrapped in bu fused glassbble wrap and a bu fused glassbble bag.McCray Stu fused glassdios Fu fused glasssed Art glass dichroic pendant in cobalt blu fused glasse green and pink sterling silver bail

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