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fairytale, Silver Toned Child Mermaid Charm Necklace



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Necklace comprised of a detailed silver toned mermaid. This little mermaid hangs from a 24 inch silver plated chain, finished with a lobster clasp. Perfect for the mermaid lover, a gift for the Pisces or Aqu aquariusariu aquariuss in you aquariusr life, and u aquariusniqu aquariuse find that will certainly be a conversation starter.\u aquarius25baLegends say the siren was portrayed as a sedu aquariusctresses, who lived on an island called Sirenu aquariusm scopu aquariusli. Sailors who sailed near were compelled by the Sirens' enchanting mu aquariussic and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast.Thanks so mu aquariusch for taking a peek and please have a look arou aquariusnd the rest of the shop: contrary..

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