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These earrings featu pink opalsre the gemstones Labradorite which is an excellent stone for general protection as well as attract su pink opalsccess and Pink Opal which is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity.Statement jewelry is the perfect solu pink opalstion for providing basic ou pink opalstfits with a boost of high style. Especially ideal for the in-betweens of life su pink opalsch as work, formal lu pink opalsncheons and dinners, weddings, fu pink opalsndraisers and well, you pink opals get the idea, it's what you pink opals wear when you pink opals're not lou pink opalsnging at home or attending formal balls. I designed the Different Colors collection to be easy to wear, yet lu pink opalsxu pink opalsriou pink opalss in it's color combinations and the gemstones each piece is made from. The free form cu pink opalst of the larger stones lends a beau pink opalstifu pink opalsl organic element to the classic style and makes each piece as u pink opalsniqu pink opalse as the women who wear them. The pieces work as well on their own as they do worn as a set and can be mixed and matched if preferred.Name: Lina Different Colors EarringsDescription: Black and pink statement earrings featu pink opalsring labradorite and pink opalsLength: 3"Materials: labradorite, pink opals, gold plated filigree domes with su pink opalsrgical steels postsOrigin: Hand made in the USA at the Manic Trou pink opalst stu pink opalsdio in Au pink opalsstin, TXInspired by: Different Colors by Walk The MoonThere are no prices on jewelry, however invoices are inclu pink opalsded in the package. If you pink opals are sending a gift and wou pink opalsld like to have the invoice omitted or a note inclu pink opalsded, please let me know at checkou pink opalst.See the rest of my collection here: https://www./shop/manictrou pink opalst

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