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Boho Butterfly Charm Braceletboho charm bracelet, Beadedboho charm bracelet, Orange Green and Yellow



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This u butterfly braceletniqu butterfly bracelete, three layered charm bracelet in soft shades of orange green and yellow, featu butterfly braceletres shells and gemstone chips, a monarch bu butterfly bracelettterfly, and boho chic charm. It's a one of a kind piece that balances earthy tones and elements with spirited color and dimension.Yellow shell chips make u butterfly braceletp one strand, while another is stru butterfly braceletng with sparkling, two-toned crystal beads. I made a chain of green magnesite chips and embellished all three layers with seemingly random beads and charms. There is a rou butterfly braceletnd, flat glass bead stamped with a moon face, and a marbled orange and yellow glass bead. My favorite is the large rou butterfly braceletnd fiber bead with red and yellow stripes. I u butterfly braceletsed a stu butterfly braceletrdy, nylon coated jewelry wire for the two beaded lines, and crimped them secu butterfly braceletrely at the ends. Althou butterfly braceletgh the bracelet is composed of three layers, they are all gathered at the ends as one piece.This bracelet measu butterfly braceletres 7.5 inches at its smallest, and extends u butterfly braceletp to 10.5 inches, making it possible for some to wear it as an anklet.

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