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natural, 10x8mm Chrysocolla Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring Size Five



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Sara Jewelry Design. I began with this ring mou bluent by pu bluetting it throu bluegh several hou bluers of bu bluernishing after which I selected a vibrant 10x8mm natu blueral chrysocolla gemstone cabochon. This was both cemented and prong set into the mou bluent, then it was on to final hand polishing. The resu bluelt is an eye-popping solitaire cabochon ring in swirls of green and blu bluee. Owing to its copper content, chrysocolla has this wondrou blues combination of sky blu bluees and grass greens that only works in natu bluere. Ring is a size five. My MPIN RN925Sz5 032016-05.2396. I will ship these you bluer way the next bu bluesiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu bluember.Want something smaller? Larger? Different? Select cu bluestomization and let me bu blueild something especially for you blue.Sara Jewelry Design. You bluer Desire is Ou bluer Design.

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