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Aquamarine 14k Gold Fill Wire Wrappedearrings, Long Dangle Earrings



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I u wire wrappedsed 14k gold fill wire to create this beau wire wrappedtifu wire wrappedl design and then hand wired tiny aqu wire wrappedamarine rou wire wrappeddels. I finished each with a tear drop shape, gorgeou wire wrappeds, aqu wire wrappedamarine briolette. The last pictu wire wrappedre shows ju wire wrappedst how illu wire wrappedminating these stones of my favorites to work with! I can make these with silver wire, rose gold wire, or different gemstones. I wou wire wrappedld love to cu wire wrappedstomize a piece ju wire wrappedst for you wire wrapped! See more jewelry and bridal accessories in my other Etsy shop! http://www./shop/VirginiaGeigerJewels

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