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***Du origami earringse to Covid-19 Stay In Place in ou origami earringsr city, all orders will be shipped ou origami earringst after April 8th. Thank you origami earrings and stay healthy! xoI cannot get enou origami earringsgh of patterns. My idea of getting dressed u origami earringsp is wearing at least 4 different contrasting patterns and colors.****************The Story Behind- (The Original) Origami Paper Jewelry by niceLena** Original design 2003--- I started with one pack of origami paper and fu origami earringssed them onto patina metal shapes. I sold them in my store, Monkey Bu origami earringssiness in Chicago and throu origami earringsgh other bou origami earringstiqu origami earringses in the area: Penelope, Glam to Go, Una Maes, and Tangerine. I have expanded my pattern catalog over the years and I now offer over 100 different prints. They are all available on wood or patina metal. It is by far my most popu origami earringslar line and has influ origami earringsenced other makers to see paper in a different way. ******************* The Process *****************************Fu origami earringssed paper (Japanese Yu origami earringszen or Chiyogami or decorative paper) on Wood disks. Sealed with glaze. ******************** The More You origami earrings Know ********************These are not water proof. Don't ju origami earringsmp in the pool with them on. Please remove before showering. **Prints will vary becau origami earringsse they are individu origami earringsally cu origami earringst from a larger sheet. **************************************************************Shop the fu origami earringsll collection here: https://www./shop/niceLena?section_id=7807765&ref=shopsection_leftnav_1\u origami earrings27b8 instagram | niceLena\u origami earrings27b8 pintrest | niceLena\u origami earrings27b8 | niceLena\u origami earrings27b8 website l\u origami earrings27b8 vintage & art su origami earringspply l teamsalvage.\u origami earrings27b8 my gu origami earringsy's fu origami earringsrnitu origami earringsre l wageoflabor.

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