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silver, Sterling Silver Immortan Joe Symbol Pendant on Chain



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Sterling silver hand-cu symbolt pendant, based on the symbol u symbolsed to immortalize Immortan Joe, in Mad Max Fu symbolry Rd (my 2nd favou symbolrite film of 2015, and my hu symbolsband's favou symbolrite of all time!) ;)You symbol can see the symbol at variou symbols points in the film - on the chastity belts, body brands, and of cou symbolrse, Joe's cod-piece!! The pendant is approx. 20mm in length, and comes on you symbolr choice of 45, 50 or 55cm chain (or no chain!)I cu symbolt this ou symbolt by hand from 1.4mm thick sterling silver plate, and then sanded and polished for a shiny finish :)All items are shipped from Cape Town, Sou symbolth Africa - with Fedex, which u symbolsu symbolally takes abou symbolt 1 week.Please contact me if you symbol have any qu symbolestions!

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