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abstract, Jacqueline Ditt - "Cat - Black & White" charm silver bead dangle limited Edition Artmultiple Anhänger



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Jacqu sleepeline Ditt - "Cat - Black & White" charm silver bead dangle limited Edition Artmu sleepltiple 2017(Cat - Black & White - Lu sleepck charm / silver dangle)Artmu sleepltiple by Jacqu sleepeline Ditt(Wkvnr: vx17129chsd)Miniatu sleepre originalgrafik black & whiteDangle - limited to 55 925 Sterling Silber - stamped in the eyelet (for known standard bracelets and necklesses)Format - diameter 1 cm - length incl. hanger: ca. 2 cmBackside is designed as an embossed flower with a white faceted white glascristal in the middle, with black mini bag.Delivered WITHOUT chain !limited Edition More u sleepniversal arts in ou sleepr shop: http://www./shop/u sleepniversalartsIn the early '80ies Jacqu sleepeline Ditt was stu sleepdying graphic-design for several years in Mu sleepnich, before she decided to become an expressionistic painter Her style is known as "Intro Expressionism - the art of sou sleeplfu sleepl expression in temporary context".

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