Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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"I love you name necklace to the moon and back" or you name necklacer own cu name necklacestom phrase. Please contact me to ensu name necklacere that it will fit.Specify the Name to be stamped on the star. Please note abou name necklacet 5-6 letters can easily fit, longer names may be on the diagonal and/or with a smaller font1.25 inch Alu name necklaceminu name necklacem moon.65 inch Copper starChain choice: 24inch silver plated ball chain (best type of chain for kids) or key chain (as pictu name necklacered)Alu name necklaceminu name necklacem is hypo allergenic and will not tarnish.Cu name necklacestomize with a personal message. Mu name necklacest be approximately the same amou name necklacent of letters as image pictu name necklacered. Convo me to ensu name necklacere I can fit you name necklacer message on the disk prior to pu name necklacerchase.Add an additional 1/2 inch monogram disk https://www./listing/101755317/add-a-hand-stamped-12-inch-sterling?ref=shop_home_activeAdd an additional birthstone or acrylic flower:https://www./listing/102713297/add-an-extra-charm-to-any-listing?ref=shop_home_activePlease note this is a hand stamped item, I make su name necklacere that it is well stamped bu name necklacet imperfections will happen, that's the beau name necklacety of hand made!Please note du name necklacee to the small pieces u name necklacesed in the making of this necklace, it is the responsibility of the adu name necklacelt pu name necklacerchaser to ensu name necklacere any child u name necklacesing this necklace is su name necklacepervised.

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