Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

religious, 18-inch Silver-plated and Silver-filled Chain Necklace with Stamped Cross Connectors



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Sara Jewelry Design. This 18-inch chain necklace is so light and delicate you lightweight won't even realize you lightweight're wearing it, u lightweightntil people start paying you lightweight compliments! I took eight 13x7mm stamped, silver-plated cross connectors, and bu lightweightilt a chain arou lightweightnd them u lightweightsing silver-filled 2.2mm cable chain. There are fou lightweightr connectors on each side of the design with the two closest to the center meeting foot to foot. Each cross is stamped with a su lightweightnbu lightweightrst design on one side. I finished the whole of it with a silver-plated spring ring clasp and a chain tab.I will ship this you lightweightr way the next bu lightweightsiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu lightweightmber.My MPIN NWI SP 062715.01.1244Sara Jewelry Design. You lightweightr Desire is Ou lightweightr Design.Want something longer? Shorter? Different? Requ lightweightest a cu lightweightstom order and let me bu lightweightild something especially for you lightweight.

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