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terrarium ring, Terrarium Resin Ring | Size 7 US



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Moss Resin Ring \u botanical ring2022 Natu botanical ringre Inspired Rings \u botanical ring2022 Mini Terrariu botanical ringm Ring \u botanical ring2022 Terrariu botanical ringm Moss Jewelry \u botanical ring2022 Botanical Ring \u botanical ring2022 Valentine's Gift Idea for HerHand-gathered moss and lichens su botanical ringspended in crystal clear eco resin made u botanical ringsing green chemistry This two-toned ring has an asymmetrical shape with a crystal-like faceted top and black pigment on the bottom.***Please Note: You botanical ring will receive one ring. Becau botanical ringse of the organic natu botanical ringre of these rings, the ring you botanical ring may receive will be similar to, bu botanical ringt not exactly like as the ones pictu botanical ringred. The ring will be in the same style. There may be minor flaws in the piece resu botanical ringlting from each individu botanical ringal piece of jewelry being hand-cast in handmade molds. Each ring in tru botanical ringly one-of-a-kind!This ring is a size 7 US.I make my rings handmade from start to finish. I shape the ring models, make my own molds from the models, and cast the ring resu botanical ringlting in a tru botanical ringly one-of-kind original piece of jewelry!

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