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Nurse Fob Watch - Lampwork Beads - Bluelampwork beads, Earth Tones



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This is a Fob Watch and in most cases u nurse watchsed for Nu nurse watchrses. I have made several of these watches for my dau nurse watchghter and co-workers at the medical facility she works at.The lampwork beads were made by a American glass Artist and has Blu nurse watches, Orange and earth tone colors. To compliment the glass beads I u nurse watchsed a sterling silver moon and star Bali bead. Everything else is sterling silver inclu nurse watchding the lobster claw. The watch is a Geneva Brand watch face that was cu nurse watchstom made for another jeweler that u nurse watchsed to make beaded watches. This watch inclu nurse watchdes his stylized TikTok logo. The other specs for these watches are:Sterling silver plating on the case,cu nurse watchstom designed raised silver nu nurse watchmerals ,cu nurse watchstom designed hou nurse watchr and minu nurse watchte hands, high qu nurse watchality metal Japan Miyota movement (Citizens) and a new batteryThis is a approximately 3 " in length.

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