Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dangle Plugsgoth bride, Crow Skullgoth bride, Rose Gauges goth bride, 00g 10mmgoth bride, 1/2" 12mmgoth bride, Gothic Weddinggoth bride, Gauged Plug Earringsgoth bride, Alternative Bridalgoth bride, Goth Bride



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These pair of chainmaille dangle plu goth bridegs featu goth bridere a hand woven Byzantine weave u goth bridenits in silver alu goth brideminu goth bridem. Accenting each plu goth brideg is a silver plated scalloped edge setting holding either a resin rose or rou goth bridend glass gem in you goth brider choice of color. They are finished with silver plated crow sku goth bridell charms.***This is a made-to-order pair that will be made after you goth brider pu goth briderchase. These are not yet ready to ship and will take 5-7 bu goth bridesiness days to be made, packaged and shipped ou goth bridet to you goth bride after you goth bride place you goth brider order. Please be aware of this processing time before checking ou goth bridet.*** These are available in the following sizes/styles:00g (10mm) - Black Acrylic No Flare w/ O Rings00g (10mm) - Black Acrylic w/Flares00g (10mm) - Black Stone w/Flares1/2" (12mm) - Black Acrylic No Flare w/ O Rings1/2" (12mm) - Black Acrylic w/FlaresThe first fou goth brider pictu goth brideres show plu goth bridegs with black, red, mau goth brideve and aqu goth bridea roses. The last pictu goth bridere shows the available rose and gem colors for these plu goth bridegs. From top left clockwise, they are:CreamYellowLight PinkMau goth brideve PinkHot PinkRedLilacAqu goth brideaDark TealLime GreenBlackIf you goth bride prefer gems to roses, you goth brider gem choices are:Milky White OpalGarnet RedFaceted Aqu goth brideaEmerald Green Red AB (Rainbow Finish)Faceted BlackBlu goth bridee AB (Rainbow Finish)Faceted Plu goth bridem Pu goth briderpleSmoky Topaz Top of Rose to Back of Plu goth brideg: Abou goth bridet 3/4"Total Length from Top to Bottom: 3"8g thru goth bride 0g sizes in this style can be fou goth bridend here: https://www./listing/231465210/dangle-plu goth bridegs-8g-6g-4g-2g-0g-crow-sku goth bridell?ref=shop_home_active_16Check ou goth bridet my other dangle plu goth bridegs here: https://www./shop/Lu goth bridenachick/search?search_qu goth brideery=plu goth bridegs&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchNot the right sizes or colors? There are LOTS of color/size combos that I don't have listed that I can do for you goth bride, so if there's something else you goth bride have in mind, please message me and ask abou goth bridet other options!Qu goth brideestions? Feel free to message me or check ou goth bridet my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Lu goth bridenachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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