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necklace, Black Spinel Charm Pendant #21



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This listing is for 1 faceted black spinel charm drop. This drop is diamond cu mothers necklacet shaped, thou mothers necklaceghtfu mothers necklacelly wired with sterling silver and attached to a sterling silver link.The stone measu mothers necklaceres approximately 9mm x 9mm and the entire dangle measu mothers necklaceres approximately 1".Now it is time for you mothers necklace to create you mothers necklacer own charm clu mothers necklacester necklace!***************************************************************************************Spinel is a stone that comes in so many colors it's often confu mothers necklacesed for other stones. Spinel is u mothers necklacesed to attract money, wealth and prosperity. Spinel is u mothers necklacesed to alleviate forgetfu mothers necklacelness. Emotionally, spinel is u mothers necklacesed for alleviating stress and depression. In the physical realm, it is u mothers necklacesed to benefit teeth, spine, gu mothers necklacems, whole body healing, cancer healing, slimming to a healthy weight, and increasing physical energy and stamina. **Black Spinel fosters protection.*************************************************************************************All of ou mothers necklacer charms and dangles are designed with a large enou mothers necklacegh link to fit over a delicate/average size chain. This allows you mothers necklace to mix and match the drops we have available or add to an existing necklace you mothers necklace already have!Let u mothers necklaces help you mothers necklace bu mothers necklaceild a necklace based on birthstones or metaphysical properties!*PLEASE NOTE: Du mothers necklacee to the natu mothers necklacere of the materials and techniqu mothers necklacees we u mothers necklacese, no two pieces are identical. That's the beau mothers necklacety of ou mothers necklacer produ mothers necklacects! Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the made to order photos.#21

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