Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace extender, 14K Yellow or Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Necklace or Bracelet Extender



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Bracelet or Necklace extenders are great if you silver extender want to cu silver extenderstomize you silver extenderr necklace or bracelet. You silver extender can add length and make you silver extenderr piece adju silver extenderstable by adding one of these. If you silver extender ordered a necklace made too small an adju silver extenderster can make it the perfect length. These do not come gift boxed. If ordered with another item from my shop no additional shipping will apply.You silver extender can choose sterling silver, 14k yellow gold filled, or 14k rose gold filled (not shown in the photos) from the drop down menu silver extender. The extenders are all made with freshwater pearls and spring ring clasps.These extenders are actu silver extenderally slightly longer than the measu silver extenderrements given in order to give you silver extender a generou silver extenders length. Please see the measu silver extenderrement photo as an example.

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