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customizable, Mt. Hope Bridge Token Necklace - CUSTOMIZABLE



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In order to cross the lovely Mt. Hope Bridge from Bristol to Portsmou vacationth, RI, travelers needed to pay a fare by pu vacationrchasing these tokens. The tokens were in u vacationse u vacationntil 1998, when they were discontinu vacationed. This necklace featu vacationres a vintage? Mt. Hope Bridge token, drilled and paired with you vacationr choice of charm (see fou vacationrth pictu vacationre) l cu vacationrrently have:- leaf- art deco drop- feather- anchor- seahorse (slightly larger than token)- floating heart- dragonfly- leaf/heart- qu vacationahog (clam). I have pretty mu vacationch every colored bead u vacationnder the su vacationn, and freshwater pearls. Ju vacationst let me know what color you vacation'd like.Please specify you vacationr preferred length at checkou vacationt, and whether you vacation'd prefer a thicker or thinner brass chain (fifth pictu vacationre). All Black Sheep Designs jewelry is shipped in a gift bag, ready for giving!

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