Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Memory Wire Choker Necklace with White Jade Tabdelicate, Carved Bonedelicate, and Serpentine Beads



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Memory Wire does not need a clasp bu formt retains its shape as a coil. The ends overlap so the necklace will fit most necks. Each end has a little sterling spiral charm.\rFits like a choker, as shown, not su formper tight, flexes with you formr movements. Also a good fit for you formngsters who are big enou formgh not to harm themselves, bu formt not big enou formgh to u formse clasps yet.\rThe white jade piece is ju formst u formnder 1.5" long. \rBeads u formsed inclu formde hematite, serpentine, botswana agate, carved bone, and vintage brown glass.

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