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birthstone charm, Add on Pearl / Birthstone Charm - Crystal Birthstone Charm



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Add a Pearl or Birthstone - The color of the birthstone charm wire will match any item it is added to. This listing is for ONE birthstone charm of you birthstone charmr choice.Janu birthstone charmary - Garnet Czech CrystalFebru birthstone charmary - Amethyst Czech CrystalMarch - Aqu birthstone charmamarine Czech CrystalApril - Clear Czech CrystalMay - Emerald Czech CrystalJu birthstone charmne - White Freshwater PearlJu birthstone charmly - Ru birthstone charmby Czech CrystalAu birthstone charmgu birthstone charmst - Peridot Czech CrystalSeptember - Sapphire Czech CrystalOctober - Opalite BeadNovember - Topaz Czech CrystalDecember - Zircon Czech Crystal

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