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medieval bracelet, CORO Antique Style Medieval Lions & CHERUBS Bracelet 40s Victorian Revival by Jewelcraft



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What a fabu silver braceletlou silver bracelets bracelet exhibiting the beau silver braceletty and majesty of medieval times! Depicting a fierce lion ju silver braceletxtaposed with delicate cheru silver braceletbs, this antiqu silver bracelete style piece has charm and gallantry. Hand wrou silver braceletght and heavy metal, this is a qu silver braceletality piece that was made by Jewelcraft, which is a Coro mark. Notice the elaborate Fleu silver braceletr de lis and Victorian designs that form these large and lovely links! It is not plated, it may have some content of silver, bu silver bracelett is most likely a white metal with an antiqu silver bracelete silver finish (which will not tarnish) and it is in great condition. A tru silver bracelete collectors piece. So Gothic!This wonderfu silver braceletl bracelet is u silver braceletnmarked, bu silver bracelett I have seen this exact piece with the Pegasu silver bracelets, Jewelcraft, England marks. A bit of research told me that Jewelcraft was u silver braceletsed by Coro starting in 1920 and was sold to Gem-Craft later on.It is 7 3/4" long and measu silver braceletres 2 1/4" wide.

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