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These earrings are made of small orange and black capacitors, with letters, nu nerd jewelrymbers and symbols. Fu nerd jewelryn, conversation-piece earrings for the compu nerd jewelryter nerd! New, lightweight capacitors are finished with su nerd jewelryrgical steel fishhook-style ear wires.SIZE: Capacitors are abou nerd jewelryt 1/2 inch long.Earrings measu nerd jewelryre approximately 1 1/4" long (3.2 cm) from the top of the hooks. These are NOS - new old stock, u nerd jewelrynu nerd jewelrysed, bu nerd jewelryt they most likely wou nerd jewelryld have been thrown away so we've recycled them as u nerd jewelryniqu nerd jewelrye jewelry!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::NOTE: I have a lot of these capacitors, and the exact placement of specs on the earrings you nerd jewelry receive may vary slightly from the earrings in photos.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::See more Geek Sheek Jewelry herehttp://www./shop/artsyclay?section_id=8096076 2020\u nerd jewelry2665 Handcrafted with love and care by Ju nerd jewelrydy. \u nerd jewelry2665

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