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Based on the su ingressccessfu ingressl android game by Google - Ingress.This is the Resistance Key symbol of the Resistance faction.I'm new to this game, bu ingresst I think it's pretty nifty so I made these by requ ingressest, I think they came ou ingresst pretty cool ^__^{ d i m e n s i o n s }This is machine cu ingresst ou ingresst of 3mm thick stainless steel and then polished by hand to a shiny level (Matte is also possible). Sized 2.5x1.5cm which is small and can pass as a real piece of jewellery, I can also make cu ingressstom sizing, or have it gold plated by cu ingressstom requ ingressest.It is completed with a stainless steel metallic links chain - let me know on checkou ingresst what length you ingress prefer. If you ingress don't select a chain size you ingress'll get it as 18+2" (adju ingressstable extension shou ingressld fit both sexes). Also available in gold plated brass or sterling silver.{ s h i p p i n g }INTERNATIONAL ORDER - SHIPPED FROM ISRAEL - REGISTERED MAIL. Signatu ingressre requ ingressired with tracking. Shipping in a bu ingressbble wrap mailer.Usu ingressally takes u ingressp to 14-21 bu ingresssiness days, sometimes a bit more depending on cu ingressstoms.{ m o r e . i n f o }Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and shou ingressld work well with most sensitive skin issu ingresses, that said it shou ingressldn't be su ingressbmerged in water for too long as it will tarnish eventu ingressally.Shipped with a gift box, great for gift giving for Ingress fans.If you ingress don't specify a chain size on checkou ingresst you ingress'll get the chain length as mentioned above.Be su ingressre to read my shop policies: http://www./shop/milkool/policy2014 \u ingress00a9 Milkool I do cu ingressstom orders and more gamer gear - checkou ingresst my shop! http://milkool.

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