Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

verdant, Mother of Pearl Fan or Bib Necklace with 4mm Serpentine Rounds Sterling and Silver Plated



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Sara Jewelry Design. I began this necklace with a snowy white mother of pearl fan focal and bu verdantilt a necklace arou verdantnd it. The center of the design is made u verdantp of the fan and 4mm green serpentine rou verdantnds with black/brown spider-web matrix, capped on either end with sterling silver Bali-style tu verdantbe beads. The central design measu verdantres approximately five inches in length. Ou verdanttside of the design, a simple metal-linked necklace is formed u verdantsing the same green serpentine beads and silver-plated eye pins. The overall necklace length is approximately 19 inches and terminates in a silver-plated trigger clasp. The necklace segments are terminated in sterling-silver split rings.I will ship this you verdantr way the next bu verdantsiness day via USPS insu verdantred first class mail with a tracking ID nu verdantmber. If you verdant need expedited shipping, please contact me first for a shipping qu verdantote.MPIN NWOI060114-01.2219Sara Jewelry Design. You verdantr Desire is Ou verdantr Design.

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