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mix and match, Add a Charm - Lapis Lazuli Faceted Gemstone Cube Charm



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This listing is for ONE nice and large 8-9mm Lapis Lazu mix and matchli Faceted Cu mix and matchbe Gemstone Charm.All chains and wax seal pendants shown in photos are for display and necklace inspiration only.Add a tou mix and matchch of deep celestial blu mix and matche to you mix and matchr existing necklace or make a cu mix and matchstom charm clu mix and matchster with ou mix and matchr pendants and charms. These Lapis dangles also look fab on their own as a delicate pu mix and matchnch of color on a chain.I only have a limited qu mix and matchantity of these! {30 pieces}You mix and match will receive ONE deep blu mix and matche Lapis Lazu mix and matchli, accented with a hand-wrapped sterling ball headpin & ju mix and matchmpring. These stones have su mix and matchbtle accents of pyrite, sodalite & calcite to give a stu mix and matchnning one of a kind look to each charm.Photo no. 1 & 4 is only listed for inspiration, these are to help you mix and match visu mix and matchalize what you mix and matchr necklace(s) cou mix and matchld look like with ou mix and matchr gemstone accents. Lapis is associated with the planets Neptu mix and matchne and Venu mix and matchs, and is the zodiac stone for Sagittariu mix and matchs.Want other gemstone charms? You mix and match can view ou mix and matchr cu mix and matchrrent selection in ou mix and matchr 'Add a Charm' section here: https://www./shop/Plu mix and matchmAndPoseyInc?section_id=7237414&ref=shopsection_leftnav_7

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