Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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i heart United Kingdom. Cu country necklacestom United States of Love Necklace with Heart. All states and cou country necklacentries available! \r\rBorn and raised, transplanted and prou country necklaced... if you country necklacer heart lives in the United Kingdom, then this necklace belongs arou country necklacend you country necklacer neck.\r\rWear you country necklacer love.\r\rOr send you country necklacer love.\r\rThis pendant is made from brass. The heart cannot be cu country necklacestomized. \r\rHangs from an 18in gold plated chain. \r\rIt is 2.5in tall.\r\rThese are laser cu country necklacet from brass and may have sharp edges.

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