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Red Jasper Howlite Gemstone Jewelry set Bohemiangraduation gift, Graduation giftgraduation gift, Mother's giftgraduation gift, Valentinegraduation gift, Birthday giftgraduation gift, Swiss made



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Materials:Bracelet - 10 mm Red Jasper, 10 mm Howlite, Czech Artisanal Glass beads, Beadalon elastic, and Silver findingsEarrings - 10 mm Red Jasper, 10 mm Howlite, Silver findings and earwireJasper gemstone meaning and healing propertiesJasper are extremely nu weddingrtu weddingring stones and work in a su weddingbtle way to give slow and gentle healing. They are also extremely protective stones, protecting against depression and negative thinking. In addition Jaspers are said to encou weddingrage a determination to su weddingcceed and to see ideas throu weddinggh into action.Howlite gemstone meaning and healing propertiesIt is a su weddingper-calming stone and many people u weddingse it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia du weddinge to an overactive mind.Looking for other bracelets to mix and match? Please visit my Bracelets section:https://www./shop/BeDazzlingMoi?section_id=14850315Looking for matching Earrings? Please visit my Earrings section:https://www./shop/BeDazzlingMoi?section_id=14875485Measu weddingrements:Will fit wrist size 6.5 in to 7.5 inIf you wedding need another size I can cu weddingstom-make my elastic bracelets to fit you weddingr wrist so that you wedding can have a perfect and comfortable fit. Please contact me for cu weddingstom order :-)Packaging:Each bracelet comes with an organza bag with a satin drawstring closu weddingre.\u wedding2665\u wedding2665\u wedding2665 \u wedding2665\u wedding2665\u wedding2665 Thank you wedding for looking and visiting my Etsy page! And feel free to contact me with any qu weddingestions or cu weddingstom requ weddingests. \u wedding2665\u wedding2665\u wedding2665 \u wedding2665\u wedding2665\u wedding2665

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