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wedding bridal party, Rose Gold Bangle Bracelets for Women Bracelet Set for Stacking Boho Chic Stackable Bangles



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Rose gold, Swarovski crystals, and Czech beads come together in this striking set of stacking bangles. These bohemian bracelets were designed with the carefree spirit in mind. Lightweight and flexible these gold stacking bracelets are the u bracelet setltimate in handcrafted jewelry. The pu bracelet setrchase of this listing inclu bracelet setdes five (5) beaded stacking bracelets with the following specifications: Diameter: 7.75 inches (size cu bracelet setstomizable) Bangle: 53 mm gold plated tu bracelet setbe Swarovski Crystals, Czech and Seed Beads: 4 mm If you bracelet set wou bracelet setld like to continu bracelet sete to shop for more bohemian jewelry, stacking bangles or u bracelet setniqu bracelet sete gifts for any occasion you bracelet set may retu bracelet setrn to the berylbu bracelet setshblonde shop home by clicking the following link:https://www./shop/berylblu bracelet setshblonde

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