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sterling, Vintage Large Sterling Silver Ornate Floral Pendant with Glass Stone



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This is a Vintage Large Sterling Silver Ornate Floral Design Pendant with a Large Glass stone in it, bu vintage charmst the stone is chipped. The Sterling Pendant itself is in good condition. A nice ornate and floral design. No chain. You vintage charms cou vintage charmsld get a new stone pu vintage charmst in it of any color and it wou vintage charmsld be really pretty. This stone may be a Pale Light Lemon Qu vintage charmsartz, ju vintage charmsst not su vintage charmsre as I have not had it tested. It measu vintage charmsres approx. 1 1/2 inches long and weighs approx. 7.7 grams and was tested as Silver. It has a marking bu vintage charmst I cou vintage charmsld not read it. If you vintage charms have any more qu vintage charmsestions please ask before you vintage charms pu vintage charmsrchase. I ship to the USA. No International. I also insu vintage charmsre all of my packages to the USA to make su vintage charmsre that they arrive to you vintage charms safely. Thanks for looking.

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