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MIB Deltah Vintage 40'snecklace earring set, Art DECO CRYSTALnecklace earring set, w/ Gold Beads on 14k Chain Necklace & Earringsnecklace earring set, Original Presentation Box



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From the late 30's or early 1940's, these wonderfu demi parurel crystal and gold beads by "Deltah" are su demi parurech qu demi parureality that they are stru demi parureng on a chain that is marked 14K on the clasp. The rock crystal beads are beau demi paruretifu demi parurelly faceted and the chain ru demi parurenning inside makes this beaded necklace sparkle, it's qu demi parureite lovely! Fabu demi parurelou demi parures 40's ART DECO styling with 2 1/4" long dangly earrings. Both the necklace & earrings have been preserved in their Original Presentation Box, which also retains the red ribbon that says, "Red Ribbon Necklace, Finest Qu demi parureality." Measu demi parureres 16.5" long and the screw back earrings are 2.25" long. I have not tested the chain or earring backs for the gold content.Like this item and looking for more like it? Please browse ou demi parurer pages and pages of vintage. Are you demi parure a dealer and want to bu demi parurey in qu demi parureantity? Check ou demi paruret ou demi parurer new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu demi parurerchasing:http://www./shop/tru demi parureevintagewholesale

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